The Power of Positive Thinking

"Great men are they who see that spiritual is stronger than any material force,
that thoughts rule the world."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Ask And It Is Given. Seek and you shall find.” – Matthew 7:7

The most common way people give up their power
is by thinking they don’t have any. ~ Alice Walker
Did you know that happy people are happy because they keep and maintain a positive outlook? It's true. Happy people are
happy simply because they have decide to be happy, for when we take control of our mind, we take control of our life. Really.
It's that simple. Think about it. How many hours have you wasted in worry? Why? It does no good to dwell on the negative. It
only builds and creates more negative energy. Shift your thoughts to the positive and watch how your whole reality shifts. You
can have the life you want simply by changing the way you look at it.

Thich Nhat Hanh wrote, ‘Our life is a manifestation, and we can very well make that manifestation beautiful and meaningful and
have a good influence.’ Your life is a projection of your thoughts and beliefs. It is through this perception that determines the
way you experience your reality. Greek philosopher, Epictetus wrote, ‘As you think, so you become... There is only one way to
happiness and that is to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power of our will.’ Epictetus was one of the first to
theorize that each of us have the power to create our own reality, that if one perceives things to be a certain way, then for
them, it in fact, becomes however it was perceive by them to be. Which means your happiness starts with you, your attitude,
and how you allow yourself to see your world.

Look at Things in a Positive Light
How do you see yourself? My friend Stephani once told me, the best attraction spell is simply to decide that you are attractive
and radiate love. I tried it. Of course I took a shower, did my hair, dressed up, and dabbed some essential oil of rose on some
key places, but I believed I was desirable and you know what? She was right! No one can resist you when you simple ARE.

So how do you BECOME? That’s easy. You just decide TO BE.

Sound odd? Well it's not. In fact modern psychology accepts and even treats the harm done by negative thinking. If you call a
girl fat over and over doesn’t it crush her self image and cause her to become fat? If you call a boy stupid over and over doesn’t
he eventually accept the fact that he really is stupid? So why is society so cynical when it comes to the benefits of positive

Think Positive
The power is yours. Simply by changing the way you look at things, you can change your life and be happy. And it is so easy.
Just let go of fear and worry, and put your energy toward a positive outlook. Imagine yourself in positive situations with people
responding positively towards you. It is a self fulfilling prophecy. Through conscious awareness of our thoughts we are able to
focus our experiences in the desired directions and create a positive, vibrant, radiant self/ life/ existence. Through positive
thought and creative imagery we can change reality. Try it. Next time you find your thoughts have gravitated to the negative.
Shake them off. Come to present and wake. Move your mind to something you are grateful for. Count your blessings. The simple
act of being grateful can transform one into a happier person. Or visualize...visualize the life you want with joy in your heart
and a smile on your face. Visualization is one of the most important tools someone on a spiritual path can use.

Creative visualization is the art of changing negative thinking for positive images to create the life you want and deserve. By
thinking of the good things you want to happen as part of a regular routine, you're creating a positive energy. This positive
energy then takes on form as the actual reality you desired. It all begins with thought. The way you preceive your reality,
actually creates your reality. So next time you find yourself brooding on something you cannot change, shift your percepting to
look on the brightside of things. Try it. Take the first step on this positive path, shift your outlook. Instead of observing a
problem that you want changed, imagine the situation as you want it to be. This concept is simple and anyone can do it with
incredible results. Visualization is one of the most powerful methods there is for effecting the changes you desire.

So how do you do it? Well "seeing with the mind's eye" takes practice, and as with all things, gets easier with each success.
Don’t lose heart if your first attempts seem futile. At first the images might be fuzzy and indistinct. Define your goal. What
would you like to change about your life or yourself? Want to lose 10 pounds? Get in shape? Do you want a better job? Do you
want better health? Now picture it as clearly as possible on the screen of your mind. See yourself in the reality you want. Hold
this image as clearly in your mind as you can. To reinforce the image you can also draw the scene and tack it next to your desk
so that you can look at it often and put energy into manifesting it. This is the process of sending positive energy into the
universe and the more positive energy you send out, the more you will get back. Of course, as with anything you must also do
the work on the physical plane to manifest your desires. You won’t get your dream job if you don’t apply for the position. You
won’t get in shape unless you exercise. You won’t lose 10 pounds unless you lay off the soda and chocolate cake…

Lastly, BELIEVE. Know that your desires are manifesting, that the object is yours or will be yours. Know that you are now
practicing the process of conscious creation through defining your desires, working to make them a reality and allowing yourself
to accept the rewards.

Need a mood lift? Are your thoughts stuck on some dark subject? Shift you reality by using the power of thought. Picture being
in your favorite room, or dancing with someone special, or eating your favorite meal, or the first time you kissed the one you
love. (You'll know you were successful if you find yourself smiling at the end of the exercise) This simple exercises will make it
easy for you to call up images in your mind when you want to practice meditation or manifest a thought or desire into reality.

Add the Power of Sound
Chants and song have been used by man down through the ages to increase awareness, induce calmness, inspire action, lift the
spirit, and raise concousness. Sound has power. Our brain believes what it hears.
Are you going through a rough patch? Foritfy yourself with a positive mantra.

Here are a few tips from Ariana in
House Magic for using positive mantras:

"*Say your affirmation while looking at yourself in the mirror. This is good for invoking self-confidence, courage, and self-love.

*Say your affirmation while making a meal.

*Say your affirmation while crating a pillow or pouch.

*Say your affirmation while you're going to sleep.

*Say your affirmation whenever you think about it.

Take this positive approach and see what shows up!"
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