To Ground and Center
Your Chakras
Our bodies are so much more than meets the eye. Of course we are flesh, blood and bone, but we are also Spirit
and within our body lies and an amazing network of energy centers or chakras.
The word chakra is Sanskrit for
wheel or disk and signifies one of seven basic energy centers in the body.
This energy system ensures that our
organs, cells, and tissues stay strong and healthy. When there is a block in an energy pathway, the organ system
that the pathway corresponds with will also become blocked. Through meditation not only can we eliminate stress,
but we can heal and balance our own bodies by drawing energy to the energy center or chakra point that is not
functioning to its fullest potential.

The first Chakra: Color- Red The base or root chakra located at the base of the spine. Responsible for our basic
survival needs, groundedness, sexuality and strength.

Second Chakra: Color- Orange the Womb/Spleen or sacral chakra is located below the navel. Responsible for our
creativity, intimacy and warmth.

Third Chakra: Color- Yellow The Solar Plexus chakra located above the navel. Responsible for our confidence, power
and learning.

Fourth Chakra: Color- Green Heart chakra located in the middle of the chest. Responsible for love, healing,unity,
empathy and service.

Fifth Chakra: Color- Sky Blue Throat Chakra located at the throat. Responsible for communication, creativity and

Sixth Chakra: Color- Indigo or White Third Eye chakra located between the eyebrows just above the bridge of the
nose. Responsible for psychic abilities and higher consciousness.

Seventh Chakra: Color- Purple Crown chakra located at the top of the head. Responsible for spirit and higher self.
"Draw a breath and come to center..."
Energy and Magick
Pick up any book on ritual and you will find instructions to 'ground and center' usually without any direction
on just how to do it or even what it even means. Most guides skim over it, taking for granted that the one
reading is versed in meditation and energy work. These actions are not optional. When we come to the circle
we must bring with us some elemental abilities. We must be able to control our minds so that we can shut
off the clamorings of our inner dialogues, come into awareness of the moment, and attain a state of altered
consciousness with all our senses open but all thoughts silent so that we can work with subtle energies.
In Buddhism being centered means
remaining in your calm center amidst
the busyness of everyday life. Being
centered means not allowing your
inner light to be overshadowed by
stressful circumstances or negative
thoughts and emotions.
In ritual we come to center, or draw
our awareness in and focus on the
moment, being calm in a state of
alert receptivity open to what the
meditation will bring.  
To Ground and Center
Grounding and centering are basic meditative actions of being calmly focused and alert. In spellwork we are
directed to ground and center, or simply to come to center. In other instances we are directed to ground our excess
energy into the earth. In ritual work, we need to be able to do both, the first at the beginning of the ritual and the
second at the end.
come to center by drawing your attention from the world and fixing your awareness firmly on yourself in the
present moment. By going inward and listening to your heart, following your breath in and out of your lungs, by
feeling the sun upon your skin. Through this one is able to come into a hyper-aweness of the present moment with
all thoughts silenced.
Grounding is to become calmly present and aware while establishing an energetic connection to the earth. When
you ground you naturally become centered. So how do you ground? Close your eyes. Move your attention to your
breath as you draw in a slow, deep inhalation. Draw your breath in so that your abdomen lifts. Hold it for the count
of three and then slowly let it out again. Take another deep breath and this time, as you breathe, feel your
connection with the Earth below you. Visualize tendrils unfurling from the bottom of your feet and sinking down
through the soil. With your next breath, push out all of the tension, anger, or fear you are holding and let it go.
Visualize positive Earth energy, pooling around your tendrils or roots. Your roots drink the energy up, drawing it up
into your feet. With your next breath energy flows up your legs and over your hips. Another breath sends the
energy to fill your belly and expand in your chest. You should now be feeling calm and energized. Associate a
word, phrase, or image with this grounded, centered state. Over time this word will act as a trigger allowing you to
return to this state more quickly in times of stress.

At the end of ritual we ground to send any leftover energy back down into the earth. You might want to press your
bare feet into the earth, or drop to your knees and place your palms flat on the soil. Eating a bite of something at
this time also helps to ground your energy.
Meditation and Energy Work
Energy is all around us. It makes up everything. It flows around us, through our world, our homes, our bodies. Energy
is part of the fabric of matter and energy is never lost. It is only transformed or transferred. Every culture has named
it. To some it is Chi (from Chinese), Ki (Japanese) or Prana (Indian). To others it is the life force or breath of the Gods.
You can feel it in the wind, in the warmth of the sun. You can feel it at work in your body and notice when your
reserves are brimming, or when they are low. When energy is in a proper state of balance, it moves smoothly through
the space it occupies be it our homes, our workspace, our bodies. When we work magick we raise, and form it with our
thoughts and release energy it to manifest our will. The earth is a great storehouse of energy. When we move energy,
when we raise power, we draw it up from the earth. We envision our image until we can see the thing that embodies
the change we want to make. When it comes clear, we breathe deeply drawing the power up and let it flow with our
breath, out with our voice, and carries as sound, filling with energy, forming new channels as the power builds and
builds then we release it and fall to the earth, the energy spilling out, returning to the ground once more.

Learning how to ground and center makes energy work possible. For when we are able to control our thoughts we slip
the bonds of worry and distraction and come into a hyper awareness the allows for work with the subtle energies
present. Through this awarness, we come to control and are able to raise and direct the energy with the focus of our
intent and send it out to manifest into what we will. And this is magick.
A healthy lifestyle which
includes moderation in all
things: eating clean nourishing
foods, taking time to exercise,
and keeping a normal sleeping
pattern is key to balanced
energy. Having balanced
energy is a crucial part of
living a magickal life.
This is meditation and the more you practice, the more in control of your thoughts you will become until
you will be able to silence the chattering of your monkey mind at will
. The ability to still your body and
shift your mind to an altered state of controlled consciousness is a valuable skill, and the beginning
point of many spiritual practices.

The Conscious Breath
Meditation begins with consciously drawing a breath. In a quiet place where you will not be disturbed,
sit with your spine straight, close your eyes, and draw a slow deep breath. Breathe in to the count of
three, noticing as your breath descends all the way down to your navel. Pause to the count of three,
holding your breath, sitting with it while you count before you slowly exhale to the count of three,
drawing your breath up from your navel and slowly out your nose. Do this cycle ten times remaining
completely aware of what you are doing. If your mind begins to wander, acknowledge the thought that
has crept in and deliberately and consciously send it away before you return to your breath and begin
the count again. With each cycle you are empowering yourself, gaining the ability to put your mind
where you want, when you want it there, for as long as you want it to be there. This is how we learn
control of the mind. With this simple practice your awareness will sharpen and with practice you will be
able to stop counting and simply tune in.

You can employ sight, scent, or sound triggers to help you make the mental transition. Light a candle
and fix your eyes on the flame, or light a stick of incense and breathe in the fragrance as you watch the
smoke rise. Scent is a powerful trigger to shift the mind quickly into different states of consciousness.
You might want to try using an essential oil diffuser to fill the air with your favorite scent right before
you start the exercises or spritzing the room with scented water.

When one shifts their attention to each breath slowly and deeply drawn and released, a shift is made
into a quiet mode that allows the ego to fall silent and mind clutter to release. The result of this shift is
peace, serenity, calmness and inspiration. And Science is now proving what Buddhist monks have known
all along, that those who engage in daily meditation permanently change the way their brains function.
That the simple act of sitting quietly as you shift your attention to your breath, following as it slowing
enters and leaves your body, not only allows for the cultivation of regenerative peace, but a myriad of
new studies have found that this ancient practice can profoundly change the way different regions of the
brain communicate with each other and therefore how we think.
Meditation and the Mind
When you close your eyes and take a deep breath are you filled with peace, or does a voice chatter away in your head
reminding you of all the things left undone? Are you able to be present in the moment, or do your thoughts slip to what happened
yesterday or what you still need to do for tomorrow? Energy flows through the universe, through all things, through us, just
waiting for us to tap into but before we can attempt any sort of energy work, we must be able to control our minds.
That's where
meditation come in.

New to meditation? Don’t worry. Just begin where you are and breathe. Sit with your spine straight and inhale a long, even breath
to the count of three allowing your mind to be only on the present moment noticing your breath as it enters your body. Hold for
the count of three before you exhale to the count of three. This is the meditative breath, the mindful or conscious breath. As you
breathe, allow the muscles in your head, face, neck and shoulders to relax. If you are holding any tension, release it as you
exhale. If a thought interferes, just notice it and let it go as you gently move your attention back to your breath. Soon you will
notice a deep sense of relaxation fill your limbs as your awareness begins to increase.
Tree Meditation
An easy way to ground is with a Tree Meditation. With this lovely grounding exercise we can neutralize negative energy
and replace it with earth energy. It is also wonderful if you have a tendency to be spacey by imagining you have roots
that extend down into the ground you can draw on the cool energy of the earth to release your anxieties are draw on
healing energies from the earth source. To begin find a quiet place where you will not be interrupted. Allow yourself
fifteen to thirty minutes for this exercise. It is best to dim the lights and sit comfortably in a chair or on the floor, keeping
your spine straight. Visualize roots slowly extending from your root charka down into the earth.

Imagine the feel of the cool, secure soil all around your roots, keeping you safe, taking away all negativity.
Breathe deep the smell of fresh, wholesome earth. Imagine that you are a giant tree.
You are sturdy and confident. You are part of the earth.
Your roots go down deep into the earth and all excess nervous energy, tension, and stress flow down your roots and seep
harmlessly into the soil, where the loving earth accepts and neutralizes it. In return, the earth sends back calming
nutrients, stability, and ancient serenity. Breathe deep as you draw this cool energy up your roots up past your feet. With
each breath draw the cool earth energy up your trunk until you have nourished each finger tip, each strand of hair, each
branch extending out into space…

You are an ancient tree; your roots go deep into the ground. You think about last spring's rain and feel your life force
recharge. You breathe deep and feel how you heart is calm, your spirit revitalized, your energy centers full, and you are
ready for anything.
There are seven main chakras located
in our body, five of which are located
along the spine, the upper two on our
head. Each chakra is associated with a
different energy level beginning with
the lowest, the root chakra which
stands for the pure matter, to the
highest, the crown chakra which
represents the pure consciousness.
Energy flows through these centers
and the flow of energy affects our
health and our ability to function.
Through meditation we can balance
and aligned each energy centers
setting the chakra to glow and spin.
Meditation to Activate Your Chakras
In a quiet place where you will not be interrupted, ground yourself by visualizing roots slowly extending from your feet.
Slowly they travel down, down, until they meet the soil. Feel the cool, secure soil all around your roots, keeping you
safe, taking away all negativity. Draw a deep breath, noticing the scent of fresh, wholesome earth.

Visualize a lovely white light pooling around and enveloping your roots. With your breath you draw up this cool, light
energy with your roots, sucking it up like they are straws. This energy moves up your feet, into your legs, to spill into
your first chakra. The energy surges into fill your chakra with radiant ruby red energy that sets it to spin, swirling in a
clockwise motions. If your chakra is not spinning, then place your hand over the area and visualize energy, traveling up
from the earth filling the area until the chakra fills with radiant ruby light and slowly begins to spin like a bright jewel.
Leave your hand on the area until the chakra is activated and swirling, spinning like a fan spinning clockwise. Feel the
energy swirling with bright red light moving through this chakra until it is bright and beautiful.

Now move up to your sacral chakra, which is located close to the area of the pubic bone. Visualize the chakra as
magnificent, sunset orange. If it is not spinning, then do the activation process again and watch it swirl like a spinning
fan, moving clockwise. Feel the energy center swirling with bright orange light. See the loop of light moving through
this chakra.

Now bring your focus to your solar plexus chakra that is located slightly above your navel. Picture the chakra as a
bright sunshine yellow. If it’s not spinning, activate the chakra and watch it swirl like a spinning fan moving clockwise.
Feel the energy center swirling with bright yellow light.

Draw the energy up into the heart chakra located in your chest. Imagine the chakra a dazzling, glorious emerald green.
If it’s not spinning, activate the chakra and watch it swirl like a spinning fan moving clockwise. Feel the energy center
swirling with bright green light. See the light moving through this chakra energizing it to a bright green spinning jewel.

Move up to your throat chakra. Imagine the luminous sky blue energy whirling and flowing. If it’s not spinning, then
activate as before until the chakra is swirling like a spinning fan moving clockwise. Feel the energy center swirling with
bright sky-blue light. See the light moving through this chakra.

Shift your attention to your third-eye chakra located between your eyebrows. Feel your forehead open and expand as
the intense violet light energy flows into this chakra. Activate the chakra and watch as it becomes even more bright
and glorious.

Lastly bring your focus up to your crown chakra. Feel the top of your head open and expand as the shining violet-white
light whirls in a clockwise motion. If it’s not spinning, activate it with the touch of your hand so that the energy center  
swirls in a clockwise motion like a bright shining jewel.
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