Listening to the
Voice of the Universe

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.
We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.
~ Albert Einstein

The universe speaks to us through signs and synchronicities. It is always speaking and once you become aware of
the oracles at work in your life, you will awaken to a whole new way of looking at the day-to-day details you
encounter. Oracles exist to provide insight, guidance, knowledge, illumination or affirmations that support our
progression along our life path. When we open to the signs and symbols we encounter, they speak to our intuitive
nature, stimulating our intuition and allowing what we Know but do not recognize to rise to our conscious mind,
thereby creating radiant glimpses of insight and Divine inspiration.

Since ancient times, people have sought oracles hoping to connect with a divine source of wisdom. They were
aware of the messages flowing from the Universe and in response practiced divination, studied augury and
traversed great distances to consult seers. But where do these messages come from? Some think of them as a
sign from God, or their spirit guides. Some believe it to be the whispers of a Universal Consciousness. Others
attribute the messages to their inner voice or higher self. In any case, the Universe is speaking and its messages
are waiting to be recognized. We have just forgotten how to listen.

The voice of the Universe is your own personal GPS. When you open to it as a guide, it will tell you the best way
to journey to avoid unnecessary strife. It you make a decision and suddenly the way is barred by obstacles or the
path suddenly seems much more difficult than it should be, it may be a sign that you chose poorly and in fact you
were supposed to take the other fork in the road.

Not all oracles exist in our environment. We are all equipped with an inner voice that is whispering to guide us on
this journey of life. Learning how to listen and respond to this inner voice will transform your existence into
something magical. When we open the gates of our intuition, we allow those "Ah Ha!" moments of inspiration to
rise from the subconscious. Intuition is the knowledge that comes to us out of blue. It is a burst of genius, an
intuitive leap, a divine inspiration, as well as the quiet hunch.

Get familiar with the ways your intuition works. Not everyone experiences their inner knowing as 'the still small
voice'. For some it comes in the form of a hunch or a gut feeling. For others, it is experienced as a sense of a
warning or a strange feeling that transmits a sense of "wrongness" or even emotional distress. Intuition can also
manifest as a physical sensation such as tingling of the skin, a weight in the stomach, a headache, a change in
heartbeat or respiration, goose bumps or a shiver, a darkening or dulling in of eyesight, Even sympathy pains can
be a sign from your intuition.

Whether you actually 'hear' your still small voice, we each possess one. Figure out how your intuition speaks to
you. Then listen to, trust and act on it, allowing your inner guide to share its wisdom. Nurturing your intuitive
nature takes discipline and becoming intuitive takes a certain amount of practice. Meditation is a great way to get
in touch with it. When you meditate you quiet your monkey mind and allow a heightened awareness of your spirit
to release its inner wisdom.

Next time you have a difficult decision to make, meditate on the question before you make your choice.

Here is an easy exercise: Sit in a quite room and allow your mind to become empty. Relax as you slowly and
deeply inhale, pause three beats then slowly exhale. Do this several time and when you have reached a
meditative state, ask your question. Take note of any images or sounds or feelings you experience. You may:
hear the answer, see it in your mind's eye, get a feeling about the answer, or simply know the answer.

Another way to get in touch with your inner voice is by asking your body. Become familiar with the physical
sensations your intuitive nudges create. Ask a question and tune into your physical side. Do you notice any
aches? Are you experiencing any sense of tightness or lightness? When you think of one choice or another, how
does your gut react? Did it constrict? Do you get any sensations of tightness, queasiness, or excitement?

The Universe is speaking and it is speaking to you. So wake up. Be present in your life and aware of your
surroundings. Pay attention to what is occurring around you. Take note when something draws your attention or
when something catches your eye or ear. Don't worry about what it means, just notice. If you are able, jot the
thing that you notice down and look for patterns. Don't dismiss those intuitive hunches or body aches. Instead
ask questions. What's really going on here? What do I need to know? Then be open for the answer.

When you open your eyes to the world around you and begin to understand the language of the Universe, you
transform your life into a magical one. You alone have the power to create this life. Life can be full of random
chance and coincidence or you can see and understand the affirmations and inspirations being sent your way.
Start today. All it takes is a simple shift of perception to open your mind to the magic that is at work all around
you. The Universe is speaking, working to guide you. You merely have to 'check in' to hear its messages. Pay
attention to the people, places and things you encounter day to day. Don't discount things you happen across. If
something stands out. Take note of it. You will be surprised at what you are missing simply because you have
allowed yourself to remain unaware. So be mindful, be present and listen.