Herbal Properties

To Know, To Dare, To Will, To Keep

Here is a list of some common herbs to use in your magickal workings

Acacia: Psychic Development, Protection Against Psychic Attack, Uncrossing, Protection Against Hexes

Adam & Eve Roots: Love, Happiness

Agrimony: Uncrossing, Protection, Rest, Invisibility, Banishing, Binding, Hexing, Disbursing Negative Energy, Reversals,
Returning Negative Energy To Its Source

Alfalfa: Prosperity, Anti-Hunger, Money

All-Heal: Healing, Health, Vitality

Allspice: Money, Luck, Healing

Almond: Money, Prosperity, Wisdom

Aloe: Healing, Protection Against Harmful Spirits, Luck, Water Elemental Invocation

Alyssum: Protection, Moderating Anger

Amaranth: Healing Heartbreak, Protection, Invisibility

Amber: Mental Magic, Balance, Protection, Protection Against Harmful Spirits, Protection Against Hexes, Protection
Against Psychic Attack

Anemone: Health, Protection, Healing

Angelica: Exorcism, Hex Breaking, Divination, Prophecy, Disburses Negative Energy, Protection, Healing

Anise: Protection, Purification, Youth

Apple: Love, Healing, Garden Magic, Immortality

Apricot: Love

Arrow Root: Banishing, Defense, Protection, Psychic Awareness. Ward Negativity with Arrowroot Powder or dust over
your body to change your destiny.

Ash: Protection, Prosperity, Sea Rituals, Health

Aspen: Eloquence, Anti-Theft

Aster: Love

Avocado: Love, Lust, Beauty

Bachelor's Buttons: Love

Balm of Gilead: Love, Manifestations, Protection, Healing

Bamboo: Protection, Luck, Hex-Breaking, Wishes

Banana: Fertility, Potency, Prosperity

Barley: Love, Healing, Protection

Basil: Circle Casting, Flying, Exorcism, Protection, Warding Off Harmful Spirits, Love, Wealth

Bay: Protection, Purification, Vitality, Psychic Development, Healing

Bayberry: Business Success, Wealth

Beech: Wishes

Beet: love

Belladonna: Astral Projection, Visions **TOXIC**

Benzoin: Purification, Circle Casting, Wealth, Protection

Bergamot, Orange: Money, Prosperity and Success

Betony, Wood: Protection, Purification, Love

Birch: Protection, Exorcism, Purification and Cleansing

Blackberry: Healing, Money, Protection

Bladderwrack: Protection, Sea Spells, Wind Spells,Money, Psychic Powers

Bleeding Heart: Love

Bluebell: Luck, Truth

Blueberry: Protection

Borage: Courage, Psychic Powers

Bromeliad: Protection, Money

Broom: Purification, Protection, Wind Spells, Divination

Buckthorn: Protection, Exorcism, Wishes, Legal Matters

Buckwheat: Money, Protection

Burdock : Protection, Healing

Cabbage: Luck

Caper: Potency, Lust, Luck

Caraway: Protection, Lust, Health, Anti-Theft, Mental Powers

Cardamon: Lust, Love

Carnation: Protection, Strength, Healing

Carob: Protection, Health

Carrot: Fertility, Lust

Catnip: Familiar Magic, Spirit Familiar Invocation, Beauty, Love, Joy

Cedar  Healing, Purification, Money, Protection

Celandine: Protection, Escape, Happiness, Legal Matters

Celery: Mental Powers, Lust, Psychic Powers

Chamomile: Rest, Prosperity, Purification, Water Elemental Invocation, Romance.
Drink a brew of chamomile tea to prepare the mind and body for magick work.

Cherry: Love, Divination

Chestnut: Love

Chickweed: Fertility, Love

Chicory: Removing Obstacles, Invisibility, favors, Frigidity

Cinnamon: Lust, Success, Strength, Spirituality, Healing, Divination, Protection, Love

Cinquefoil: Money, Protection, Prophetic Dreams, Sleep

Clove: Prosperity, Romance, Protection, Exorcism

Columbine: Courage, Love

Comfrey: Safety During Travel, protects against theft of money

Copal: A resin prominently used in Meso-American ceremonies. Protection, Divination, Cleansing, Purification,
Banishment, Exorcism, Hex-breaking, Love spells, Meditation

Coriander: Love, Health and Healing

Corn: Protection, Luck, Divination

Cotton: Luck, Healing, Protection, Rain, Fishing Magic

Cowslip: Healing, Youth, Treasure Finding

Crocus: Love, Visions

Cucumber: Chastity, Healing, Fertility

Cumin: Protection, Fidelity, Exorcism

Daffodil: Love, Fertility, Luck

Daisy: Lust, Luck

Damiana: Dreams, Lust, Love, Visions

Dandelion: Spirit Magic, Wish Magic, Prophetic Dreams, Divination, Health

Date : Fertility, Potency. Dates have been considered sacred since the dawn of time. They were used as offerings to the
Gods in Babylon and Greece. Date syrup was holy to the Hebrews. The fruits were also used by ancient Persians to
celebrate the death and resurrection of Zoroaster, a Christ figure who dates back to 500 BC. Dried dates are considered
fruits of the spiritual realm and are symbolic of the eternal resurrection of the soul. To live off dates is to be free of
worldly concerns, though paradoxically, such a diet is said to make one extremely potent sexually.

Datura: Hex Breaking, Sleep, Protection

Dill: Protection, Money, Lust, Luck

Dittany of Crete: Divination, Astral projection. When burnt spirits may appear int the smoke.

Dragon's Blood: resin from rattan palms (Daemonorops Draco) Used to bind good fortune to any outcome and protects
against spells misfiring.

Echinacea: Healing, Protection, Strengthens Spells, Defensive Magic

Elecampane: Love, Protection, Psychic Powers

Endive: Lust, Love

Eucalyptus: Healing, Protection, Water Elemental Invocation

Eyebright: Mental Powers, Psychic Power

Fennel: Protection, Healing, Purification

Fenugreek: Money

Fern: Weather Magic, Exorcism, Air Elemental Invocation, Good Fortune, Immortality, Protection, Wealth, Healing

Feverfew: Protection

Fig : Divination, Fertility, Love

Flax: Money, Protection, Beauty, Psychic Powers, Healing

Foxglove: Protection

Frankincense: Protection, Courage, Safety, Exorcism, Spirituality, Consecration, Blessing, Visions, Healing.
Burn anytime you are frightened to increase protection. Promotes feelings of safely and spirituality.

Galangal:  also known as Low John The Conqueror Root Protection, Lust, Health, Money,Psychic Powers, Hex-Breaking,
Use to win favor of a jury.

Gardenia: Love, Peace, Healing, Spirituality, Full moon Goddess rituals

Garlic: Protection, Healing, Exorcism, Protection from Theft, Fertility

Ginger: Romance, Love, Prosperity, Control, Success, Mental Magic

Grape: Fertility, Garden Magic, Mental Powers, Money

Grass: Psychic Powers, Protection

Heather: Protection, Rain Making, Luck

Heliotrope: Exorcism, Prophetic Dreams, Healing,Wealth, Invisibility

Hellebore, Black: Protection ****TOXIC***

Hemp: Healing, Love, Vision, Meditation

Henbane: Love Attraction ***TOXIC***

Henna: Healing

Hibiscus: Lust, Love, Divination

High John the Conqueror: Money, Love, Success, Happiness

Holly: Protection, Anti-Lightning, Luck, Dream Magic, Balance

Honeysuckle: Money, Psychic Powers, Protection

Hops: Healing, Sleep, banish worry

Horehound: Protection, Mental Powers, Exorcism, Healing

Horseradish: Purification, Exorcism

Huckleberry: Luck, Protection, Dream Magic, Hex Breaking

Hyacinth: Love, Protection, Happiness

Hydrangea: Hex Breaking

Hyssop: Purification, Protection

Indian Paint Brush: Love

Iris: Purification, Wisdom

Ivy: Health, Healing, Protection

Jasmine: Love, Money, Prophetic Dreams

Kava-Kave: Visions, Protection, Luck

Lady's Mantle -- Love

Lady's Slipper -- Protection

Larkspur: Health, Protection

Lavender: Love, Protection, Sleep, Chastity. Use to enhance the effects of any spell.

Leek: Love, Protection, Exorcism

Lemon: Longevity, Purification, Love, Friendship

Lemon Balm (Sweet Melissa) : Love, Success, Healing

Lemongrass: Repel Snakes, Lust, Psychic Powers

Lemon Verbena: Purification, Love

Lettuce: Chastity, Protection, Love, Divination, Sleep

Licorice: Love, Lust, Fidelity

Lilac: Exorcism, Protection

Lily: Protection, Breaking Love Spells

Lime: Healing, Love, Protection

Lotus: Protection, Lock-Opening

Lovage: Love

Marjoram: Protection, Love, Joy, Healing, Prosperity

Mistletoe: The Hunt, Lust, Healing, Love, Romance, Protection, Exorcism, Fertility, Air Elemental Invocation

Mugwort: Astral Projection, Potency, Mental Magic, Earth Elemental Invocation, Dream Magic, Protection, Healing

Mullein: Courage, Healing, Protection, Love, Romance, Divination, Exorcism

Musk: Lust, Control, Persuasion, Prosperity, Confidence, Courage

Myrrh: Protection, Exorcism, Purification, Healing, Spirituality. When burned with frankincense will exorcise negative

Neroli (Orange Flower):Purification, joy and sex.

Nettle: Exorcism, Protection, Healing, Lust. Great for reversing hexes.

Norfolk Island Pine: Protection, anti hunger

Nuts: Fertility, Prosperity, Love, Luck

Nutmeg: Clarity of Vision, Friendship, Confidence, Divination, Prosperity

Oats: Money

Olive: Healing, Peace, Fertility, Potency, Protection, Lust

Onion: Protection, Exorcism, Healing, Money,Prophetic Dreams, Lust

Orange: Love, Divination, Luck, Money -Sweet Orange oil is ideal for self-purification and for transforming depression
into peace or joy.  It will increases energy in magickal workings.

Orchid: Love

Oregon Grape: Money, Prosperity ****TOXIC***

Orris Root: Love, Protection, Divination. Use in love spells. Sprinkle on sheets for passionate love-making.

Palm, Date: Leaves are often worn or carried to increase fertility. Plant tree to protect home from inclement weather.
Plant near entrance to keep evil and unwanted creatures from entering.  

Pansy: Love, Rain Magic, Love, Divination

Papaya: Love, Protection

Parsley: Purification, Romance, Protection

Patchouli: Lust, Protection, Reversals, Hex Breaking, Returning Negative Energy To Its Source, Returns Harmful Magic,
Wealth, Money, Fertility, Riches, Earth Elemental Invocation. Great for love and desire or money and prosperity spells.

Pea: Money, Love

Peach: Love, Exorcism, Longevity, Fertility, Wishes

Pear: Lust, Love

Pecan: Money, Employment

Pennyroyal: Strength, Protection, Peace

Peony: Protection, Exorcism

Pepper: Protection, Exorcism

Peppermint: Purification, Sleep, Love, Healing, Psychic Powers

Periwinkle: Love, Lust, Mental Powers, Money, Protection

Persimmon: Changing Sex, Healing, Luck

Pimento: Love

Pineapple: Luck, Money, Chastity

Pistachio: Breaking Love Spells

Plantain: Healing, Protection, Strength, Snake Repelling

Plum: Healing

Plumeria: Love

Pomegranate: Divination, Luck, Wishes, Wealth, Fertility

Poppy: Fertility, Love, Sleep, Money, Luck, Invisibility

Potato: Image Magic, Healing

Primrose: Protection, Love

Purslane: Sleep, Love, Luck, Protection, Happiness

Raspberry: Protection, Love

Rhubarb: Protection, Fidelity

Rose: Love, Healing, Mental Magic, Divination, Wish Magic, Protection

Rosemary: Protection, Exorcism, Love, Friendship, Lust, Mental Magic, Purification, Rest, Beauty. Drink a light brew to
enhance mental ability. Burn for cleansing and purifying spaces. Use a sprig under you pillow to prevent bad dreams.

Rue: Healing, Health, Mental Powers, Exorcism, Love. Great for exorcising negativity as well as enhancing mental

Rye: Love, Fidelity

Saffron: Love, Healing, Happiness, Wind Raising, Lust, Strength, Psychic Powers.

Sage: Protection, Wisdom, Youth, Longevity, Wish Magic. Use in Money spells.

Sandalwood: Purification, Protection, Healing, Exorcism, Spirituality, Consecration

Sarsaparilla: Love, Money

Sassafras : Health, Money

Savory, Summer: Mental Powers

Scullcap: Love, Fidelity, Peace

Senna: Love

Sesame: Money. Lust

Shallot: Purification

Slippery Elm: Halts Gossip

Snapdragon: Protection

Solomons Seal: Protection, Exorcism

Sorrel Wood: Healing, Health

Spanish Moss: Protection

Spearmint: Healing, Love, Mental Powers

Spikenard: Love

St.Johns Wort: Health, Power, Protection, Strength,Love, Divination, Happiness.

Star, Anise: Psychic Powers, Luck

Strawberry: Love, Luck

Sugar Cane: Love, Lust

Sunflower: Fertility, Wishes, Health, Wisdom

Sweetgrass: Calling Spirits

Sweetpea: Friendship, Chastity, Courage, Strength

Tamarind: Love

Tansy: Health, Longevity

Tarragon (Artemisia dracunculus) Dragon's Wort, Little Dragon: Though undervalued in American gardens, French
Tarragon is a fragrant herb with a unique strong and slightly anise flavor that belongs in every cook's garden. Its energy
is strongly inviting. Use it to draw in life energy, fortify the will to live. Tarragon's energy will boost re-building and
expansion spells and it is excellent for repairing holes and filling voids in the energy system; not just for healing
purposes but with a view for future expansion and growth. Very positive, very life affirming and an excellent boost for
people who don't just want to be healthy, but go on to make their mark on the world.

Tea: Riches, Courage, Strength

Tobacco: Purification, Exorcism, Healing

Thyme: Health, Healing, Sleep, Psychic Powers, Love, Purification, Courage

Toadflax: Protection, Hex Breaking

Toadstool: Rain Making

Tobacco: Healing, Purification

Turmeric: Purification

Turnip: Protection, Ending Relationships

Urva Ursa: Psychic Workings

Valerian: Love, Purification, Rest, Protection, Sleep

Vanilla: Love, Lust, Mental Powers

Vervain: Love, Protection, Purification, Peace, Money, Youth, Chastity, Sleep, Healing

Vetivert: Love, Hex Breaking, Luck, Money, Anti-Theft

Violet: Protection, Luck, Love, Lust, Wishes, Peace, Healing

Walnut: Health, Mental Powers, Infertility, Wishes

Wheat: Fertility, Money

Willow: Love, Divination, Protection, Healing

Witch Hazel: Protection, Chastity

Wolfsbane:Aconite (Aconitum Napellus) Protection, Invisibility

Woodruff: Victory, Protection, Money

Wormwood: Psychic Powers, Protection, Love, Calling Spirits

Yarrow: Courage, Love, Psychic Powers, Exorcism

Yellow Evening Primrose: Hunting

Yerba Mate: Fidelity, Love, Lust

Yerba Santa: Beauty, Healing, Psychic Powers, Protection

Yew: Raising the Dead

Ylang Ylang: Lust, Fertility, Power, Social Power. Encourages a sense of interconnectedness with all things.

Yucca: Transmutation, Protection, Purification

NOTE: Some of these herbs are *
POISON* Just because they are listed does not mean they are safe for ingestion.
Do your research before creating any potion to be used on the skin or in the body.
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