The Art of Creating a Zen Space

Zen is the only religion in the world that teaches sudden enlightenment. It says that enlightenment
takes no time, it can happen in a single, split second.

When you are out of wack.

It is so loud out there with world noise not to mention psychic noise that finding an internal oasis or that zen
space is challenging to say the least. Here are a few points to check just to make sure you haven’t totally lost it
and if you have how to get it back. When considering imbalance its really important to know exactly what kind and
what domain the imbalance is affecting so these questions should help you pinpoint what is going awry and
hopefully how to resynch yourself to yourself.

Ø     Physical: are you uncomfortable in your body right this very moment? If not have you breathed today, or even
taken a conscious breath? By conscious I mean, you know that in fact you are breathing…do it now.

Ø      If you are still uncomfortable, when was the last time you stretched and touched your toes…I know a lot of
you are saying under your breath “I can’t even see my  toes” but do not despair…stand up right now and
stretch…say to your body “You house my soul, you are my vehicle through this crazy journey, you deserve

Ø      Do you need bodywork? Massage? Polarity balancing? Reiki? Then ask, ask, ask and if the pennies aren’t
there now, still ask, because there are a lot of people out there who can barter, and anyway it’s time for you to
honor what you could exchange, it’s good for you to practice your gifts.

Ø      I hate to use this word, so let’s not…let’s just talk about what kinds of fuel you are using to manage this
machine called your body…is it sugar, caffeine, flour, sugar, caffeine, flour? Well I am the LAST person to wag the
finger in this direction, just ask Lorri, but sometimes you get so clogged trying to lower the volume of life that, let’
s face it, it’s just easier to keep the mouth moving and the tongue distracted by something even slightly
pleasurable. But try this today…try drinking one more glass of water than you normally do, or ADD one piece of
fruit that you don’t normally eat. One of the best naturopaths I ever had said to me one day, instead of constantly
removing and denying yourself things why not just add to your diet…wise words!

Ø      Aromas…never underestimate the comfort of a good scent and do you know what ones are right for you? I
carry a few things in my bag all the time; one is a mister of Rose water, the other is
Bach Flower’s Rescue
Remedy. These are so helpful midday when you just need to stop. Try to determine what scent you need this
week. Lavender is lovely but everywhere, there are so many underused essential oils that could rock your world
and make you feel yourself again! Try these and in combination…

Ø      Do you feel spacey…when was the last time really your feet felt the grass. We live in the desert and grass is
hard to come by but the green yummieness of toe kissing grass is unbeatable. And if you can’t get to it, put some
cool water in a bowl with three drops of either pine or tea-tree oil and soak those wonderful feet that work so hard
to keep you moving in the right direction.


What do you have near your computer that reminds you that you are a human being, not a robitron, living a
tender, ecstatic, gorgeous life?

I have invited Kwan Yin to oversee my workspace and sometimes before I start I offer her a small palm of rice, a
flower petal, anything….

This is called ritual and we have so much to say about this
click here for that neighborhood. But first look around
your work space and ask yourself what here reminds me that I feel, think, and love deeply. Is it a
prayerwheel or quote…?

You don't need an altar to add the sacred into your workspace. Just find something symbolic to you. Something
that gives you peace, strength, enlightenment or hope. A colleague of mine keep a pile of polished stones she
often will choose one and worry with her fingers while she is puzzling through a project. Another keeps images of
her favorite goddess.

Anyway my Kwan Yin  is a great conversation starter with colleagues. I also keep a pouch of angel cards and pull
one whenever.