Magick Applied

To Know, To Dare, To Will, To Keep Silent.
Arthur C. Clarke wrote, 'One man's magic is another man's engineering. Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from
magic." Our mind has a powerful hand in the creation of our reality. We each have the ability to visualize an idea and manifest it
into reality.....Before a house is built, plans must be drawn up and skcetched it is with magick. You first create a mental
image of the result you wish to produce then design a spell to achieve that purpose using sympathetic energies to align your goal.
That's all there is to it. One uses intent to focus on the desired outcome then raises, directs and releases energy to that purpose and
Voila! You have just cast a spell.

Working magick is about creating synchronicity. Applying corresponding energies helps create the right conditions to achieve your
goals but to make it work, you must create the necessary channels for energy to manifest itself on the material plane. Three key
steps to master on the magickal path are
Meditation, or the altering of consciousness,  Visualizing what you what to achieve and
Raising and directing Energy and release it to your working.  

Meditation is a cornerstone of a magickal practice because the more trained your mind is the more control you have over your spell.
By shifting your brain into a meditative state you are altering your brain-waves from beta to alpha or even theta. These altered
states open the mind to non ordinary forms of communication.

Visualization is a foundation of magick. When done correctly your visualization acts as a mold to pour the energy in and give it
form. It is a way of using your mind to create images that work both on the unconscious mind and on the outer world and give a
pathway for the energy to flow toward. Once you know what you want, hold a clear image, or a clear intention. Intention is the
focus of your will and is the primary energy used in your creation.  

Raising and directing energy is the third and final component in Magick.  This is the practice of influencing energy to achieve a
given goal. Energy flows through the universe, through all things, through us. To work a successful spell you must raise energy,
focus it and then release this energy to your intention. Through practice you will learn to gather and direct energy while visualizing
your intention.

Everything in the heavens and earth has an energy. Everything connected to a spell, works with the purpose to apply that energy:
the hour, the day, the phase of the moon, and the ingredients. These aligned energies are referred to as correspondences. Click
here for a list of
 Spell Correspondences

When working magick, you are tapping into the energies that are at work in the universe at that moment. If your intention is to
draw prosperity into your home, then working a spell on a Thursday, during the full or waxing moon, in the hour of Jupiter, using
green candles anointed in honeysuckle oil would be an example of using aligned energies to obtain your intention.

Natural Magick

Natural Magick involves using the properties of natural things: herbs, stones, resins, metals, oils etc. The principle governing
natural magic is the great Hermetic axiom “As above, so below.” or every object in the material world is a reflection of astrological
and spiritual powers or is sympathetic. These correspondences are considered and applied to align energy to the spell. So
everything is made up of energy and when working magic every aspect must be considered from the phase of the moon to the day
of the week, herb, oil and color of candle. In spellwork, corresponding energies are directed with intent to gain the desired effect. A
particular herb may have magickal qualities of protection, or a certain planet may have a particular elemental correspondence.
These energy properties influence how they interact with both the magickal practitioner and the other energies in the Universe.

Tables of correspondences  have been compiled to allow one to quickly and easily peruse lists of items to find the one or ones with
sympathetic energy for your working.

Table of Hours and Days        Herbal Correspondences     Moon Void of Course     Moon Magick        Candle Magick

You've done your homework, written your spell, calculated the timing and gathered your supplies. Now you are ready to preform
the spell....Uh, Now what? You ask.

Basic Components of a Ritual:
There are several steps to a successful spell: First the energies of the moon, day and hour must be considered. Writing a successful
spell takes research in which the energies at work are aligned with the energies of herbs, oils and colored candles to  A banishing
spell or a hex breaking spell would be much more suited to being cast on a Saturday during a waning moon than a prosperity spell.
Because the energise available can be applied to the working. These energies are called
 correspondences.  Everything has a
correspondence. Every moon aspect, day, hour, colors, herbs and oils has it's own energy signature. When writing a spell these
influences or  correspondences must be  consider.

Only when you understand the true nature of the energy within you and around you, will you able to make real magic.

So consider the energies present: Moon phase and aspect + the day of the week and the hour the spell will be cast

Write your spell aligning as many energies as possible.

First purify. Clean your work space -sweep with besom, light at quarters, fume with incense, asperge.

Then prepare yourself. Take a
ritual bath  as you reflect on the work you are about to do.

4. Carry everything you need to your space and again take stock. No reason to ruin a ritual because you forgot a candle or the

5. Cast your circle (see below)

Call the energies you are working with and welcome the Divine
Invoking the elements

or Invoke any Deities you are going to work with

8. Perform the spell -Conduct your Spell, ritual, or observance
Raise the power and direct it and release it to your working.  Once the energy is raised through drumming, chanting, or meditation,
it is released and aimed to do your working.

Conduct your Spell, ritual, or observance.
Raise the power and direct it and release it to your working.  Once the energy is raised through drumming, chanting, or meditation,
it is released and aimed to do your working.
Afterward: Ground residual power. Thank the Deities. Thank and dismiss the elements. Open the circle

To Cast a Circle

Casting a circle can be very simple or it can be as elaborate and wordy as you want to make it. It's up to you. You are creating this
sacred space, a place between the worlds where you are going to commune with Deity.
Your circle keeps unwanted energy from intruding while holding the energy you raise until you are ready to direct and release it.

You can use the popular rhyme,

Three times round I trace my blade
that this circle now be made
creating now a sacred place
standing between both time and space
at the edge a barrier is well laid
granting only positive energies way
While guarding against all that is negative
lest no darkness enter in.

To Open the Circle

The Circle is open but Unbroken
Merry meet, merry part and merry meet again.

Learning to work in harmony with the elements and the natural world involves knowledge of the natural world. To increase the
energy you are calling on, work on the day of the week, use a colored candle or dress in clothing that is most auspicious for
manifesting your intent.  Working in  Harmony with
Elemental Energies is also key in successful spellwork. Knowledge and
understanding of the Elements is essential for creating magick. Almost every aspect of spellwork relates back to the elements in
some way.


The four quarters have elemental associations that are employed to cast the Sacred Circle.

Earth- A Feminine element.
Direction- North.
Color- Green.
Elemental beings are gnomes.
Time – Midnight
Season - Winter
Rules spells dealing with fertility, jobs, money, business, health, ecology and nature, and stability.
Tarot correspondences is the suit of pentacles
When we think of Earth we think: the body, solid, hunger, food, fertility, steadfastness, reliable, responsible, dependable,
trustworthy, loyal, constant, mountain, hill, valley, rock, flora, all animals other than mammals, life, pregnancy, productivity,
commitment, the Great Rite

Air- A Masculine element.
Direction- East.
Color- Yellow.
Elemental beings are sylphs.
Season- Spring
Rules spells dealing with memory, intellect, test taking, divination and psychic ability, travel, and overcoming addictions.
Tarot correspondences is the suit of swords
When we think of Air we think: knowledge, wisdom, inspiration, music, learning, flighty, impulsive, whimsical, inattentive,
mercurial, spacey, capricious, intellect, the conscious mind, the psyche, reason, perception, understanding, mischievous, humorous,
wind, breeze, tornado, birds

Fire- A Masculine element.
Direction- South.
Color- Red.
Elemental beings are salamanders.
Time - Noon
Season - Summer
Fire rules spells dealing with creativity, passion, success, sex, illness, protection, legal matters, competitions, strength, and energy.
Tarot correspondences is the suit of wands
When we think of Fire we think: passion, courage, daring, intense, the will, fierce, easily angered, temperamental, sex and sexual
energy, physical activity, out of control, determination, change, intent, purpose, resolution, desire, ecstasy, volcano, mammals

Water- A Feminine element.
Direction- West.
Elemental beings are undines.
Time – Twilight
Season - Autumn
Water rules spells dealing with love, friendship, meditation, healing, dreams, childbirth, clairvoyance and purification.
Tarot correspondences is the suit of cups
When we think of Water we think: emotion, emotional, love, sadness, calm, the heart, impulsive, tears, coolness, cleansing, deep,
the soul, empathy, child-parent bond, thirst, elixir of life, rain, ocean, river, stream, waterfall, geyser, storm, dilution, dolphins,
whales, fish, sea creatures

And Lastly, Spirit or Akasha represented by a white candle set in the center. At times I address Spirit as my higherself at others the
Goddess, the creator of all, the source of all power.
The elements emerge from spirit, the immutable changeless source of all energy.  It is the spark of life. It is the energy that extends
across the universe that has not achieved form or substance.

Celebrating the Sabbats
The Pagan calendar is set on a solar cycle that marks seasonal change caused by the Sun.

In the Northern Hemisphere

Imbolc - Feb 2nd
Ostara - Mar 21st/22nd
Beltane - April 30th/May 1st
Lithia - June 21st/22nd
Lammas - July 31st/Aug 1st
Mabon - Sept 21st/22nd
Samhain - Oct 31st
Yule - Dec 21st/22nd

Runes and Sigils

Magickal symbols are any glyph or symbol with mystical or magical significance. Magickal symbols work as triggers allowing the
conscious mind to link to the subconscious and implant a statement of intent which is then charged with the will of the creator.
Runes and Sigils are two popular magickal symbol systems.

Putting it all together:
Here are a few simple Spells to try.  But remember to be mindful of the Law of Three, the karmic law that
states what you send out , positive or negative, will be returned to you times three.

"Ever Mind The Rule Of Three
Three Times Your Acts Return To Thee
This Lesson Well, Thou Must Learn
Thou Only Gets What Thee Dost Earn."

And remember be careful what you ask for. The universe is listening. Read our page on manifestation of your desires for helpful
tips on wording and phrasing to get the results you are trying to achieve.
"Attuning and working with these energies in magic not only lends you the power to affect dramatic
changes in your life, it also allows you to sense your own place in the larger scheme of Nature."
~ Scott Cunningham, Earth Power
"Magic is the Science and Art of causing change to
~Aleister Crowley
roots have been forgotten, many are still acted out. When we knock on wood, wish upon a star, blow a
dandelion, or even make a wish upon a birthday candle, we are sending a spell off into the Universe. Even the
Christian calendar has retained many pagan practices: The decorating of Christmas trees, hanging Mistletoe,
baking Yule logs, having Easter egg hunts. Even the practice of lighting candles in worship has pagan roots.

So what is Magick? Doreen Valiente wrote, 'What traditional witchcraft is really about on its practical side is
the hidden powers of the human mind.' Working magic is the art of manifesting. The underlining principals can
be summed up by the old phrases 'for every action there is a reaction' and 'what is Above so is Below.' Magic
is about directing energy. It is about finding links to the power that generates and maintains our universe. SO
how does Magick work? Well, it works because what is first conceive in the mind, and believed in the mind,
becomes reality. Before something can come to existence someone first must visualize it....
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